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NeronWhite's News

Posted by NeronWhite - 1 month ago

Happy New Year my friends! Unfortunately, this year was bad to me. While there were good things, it was often quite terrible. As bad as it is, it doesn't mean I should forget about this year or not learn from the challenges it threw at us. I'll try to learn from past, concentrate on present, and look up for a better future. Thus, I'm meeting 2023 with excitement, but, with a little fear of what might happen too :v

Happy New Year! Have a great 2023




Posted by NeronWhite - July 31st, 2022

Yo mates! Another big updates has dropped... along with my promise that next one will be faster than 4 months Kappa

Go check it out :D



Posted by NeronWhite - April 2nd, 2022

v3.3 is personally my favourite :3 it got so much of new stuff

During April 1st-3rd an April Fools event is hosted!

If the April Fools event isn't shown to you, I'll host it once a month once it will be fixed.

Read the project desc to learn about the new cool features! Aware of bugs! Report them to me :)

Enjoy the new big update!

... and new Dankmen NFTS :troll:


Posted by NeronWhite - January 31st, 2022

There we go, last day of January, a minor update is here! Go play v3.2 :)

I hoped I wouldn't add any new stuff, but I'm bad at giving promises xD. The new features are currently visible only for me >:)



Posted by NeronWhite - December 31st, 2021

2022 is coming, LET'S GOO!!! This year was amazing and I'm sure 2022 will be awesome!

Btw the devlog is written :)




Posted by NeronWhite - December 29th, 2021

Happy birthday @DiegoCappe! :epik:

Let's all wish him a nice day!

20 fans, what? You guys are so cool!


Posted by NeronWhite - December 26th, 2021

Hello anyone reading!

v3.2... Got rated a bit lower than v3.0 and v3.1. Reason? Bugs. Why? Me hurrying to finish it until Christmas. Devlog when? This year :)

Plans? Well, as I mentioned, my games will get minor updates to fix bugs, improve Manual and Tutorial mode, loading experience, etc. I don't want to add anything new, just fixing some features (some system changes can be as well).

So you wait for Demo v1.29.5, Demo v1.30.15, and v1.31.18, v1.32.05 (the exact names of updates are shown like this, in other situations just v2.9, v3.0 etc.)

But as you know, v3.3 will get save/load system for your progress (I really hope XP saving won't ruin the game). So it'll be added somewhere too? Well... Only "save data" feature might be shown in v1.31.18 and v1.32.05. For now all I want from you is to tell any problems you had with any version of SafeCrack! For example if you see a bug in v2.9 that wasn't fixed in v3.0, tell me, and it should be fixed in minor update for v3.0, not v2.9 (even if the bug is fixed in v3.1, I want every next version to cover previous' bugs). And so with all other version.

I hope you like the idea. January will be the month of minor updates. February will be for v3.3 (news and possible release date later in devlog).

My discord server will have patchnotes and known bugs, where I'll include the ones you'll report.

That's all for now, prepare yourself for 2022!



Posted by NeronWhite - December 22nd, 2021


Big apologies for the bugs, wait for a minor update in January!

For now use the tutorial for v3.1 pls

Also wait for an extended devlog on Christmas!



Posted by NeronWhite - December 19th, 2021

Here's a quick video with Christmas deco for v3.2. Thx @ReallyR4ndom ;)

Actually, I'm very worried because not really done but v3.2 releases in a few days :/

I thought of releasing v3.2 on December 30th, but I'll try my best to make some of plans finished in the following week.



Posted by NeronWhite - December 10th, 2021

Why "Yee"? Well, this post will cover a lot of stuff >:) and I couldn't come up with a nice name.

(tl;dr at the end)

  1. Christmas is in 2 weeks, and there's a lot of stuff for me to do. Manual, Puzzle 11, Christmas Packs, and Christmas decoration. And relatively not many changes were done these 2 weeks (e. g. I could work a lot but the progress would be low). The reason is mostly lack of time and carrying a lot about school (tests in Decembrer is not the gift I wanted). If you want to share any Christmas ideas, go on, and (Santa) I will probably add these. Any other ideas won't be in v3.2, but in fact, in next ones. This leads us to next question.
  2. Release dates. v3.2 would come out on December 24th but I realised I had plans for this area of time (a week before New Year). So now I think it will come out a bit earlier, now I'm aiming for December 21st. For the next updates I won't give a certain date, only after I'm sure most of update is done. Because now I feel be a bit stressed that v3.2 wouldn't be ready in 11 days. But, keep in mind, v3.0 was big comparing to v2.9, and most of work was done in the last two weeks before the release date. Don't bother me with messages like "3.2 when" xD.
  3. Also, here's a fun fact. When I worked on v3.1 I noticed my updates came out on some special days: v2.9 - Pico Day/Easter. v3.0 - My friend's birthday. v3.1 (now) - Halloween. v3.2 (future) - Christmas. v3.3 - ???
  4. Your requests. So, as you remember, @ReallyR4ndom (aka J-Eyring) responded with some requests for the game. In the close future, I will casually seat and record a video of the progress how all your requests will work. Will be on YouTube :)
  5. Stats info. As I also said, there won't be save/load system in v3.2. So you will have your achievements & stats erased :( But I thought of taking requests from users like posting their stats' screenshot and responding them in DMs with a "cheat-code" they'll enter in the secret menu. So, the data will restore (maybe)! These codes could help me create "quests" (like you enter a code, and do what the task says in some time), but restoring data using them isn't so good in my opinion. Like, creating a "load stats" function will lead to "save" one? So for now, you wait for the save/load system to come in v3.3
  6. v2.6 on NewGrounds... will be probably unpublished. It's just something I uploaded because I wanted to, not being aware it looked... um... undone. It will stay on Scratch tho. Click here for more info.
  7. Minor updates. Those surely will be for some versions of SafeCrack! After 3.2, earlier versions will get new Manuals, and v3.1 will get rid of cutscenes "It will work one day...". These minor updates will come out... idk how often.
  8. Remote control button. This button will be removed in v3.2, in v3.1 it would be bunch of buttons that restart the game, transwer to levels, etc. But those buttons already exist, and I wanted them to stay, instead of deleting them and adding new ones. So in v3.2, settings page will be visaully split: upper buttons are the new Remote control, lower are options. I also thought off adding "Keys button" that shows which keys to press. Maybe simply adding them to Manual and then placing "Info" buttons that will open the appropriate page of the Manual. Yeah... the second sounds better to me.
  9. Discord server. Please join :) More members = more cool things in server.
  10. Massive devlog on itch.io. Will do it after v3.2. It'll cover v3.1 and v3.2.
  11. tl;dr. I work on the update not often (reason: exams). Will release v3.1 probably on December 21st. No save/load in 3.2. No certain release date for v3.3. Will be minor updates for some versions. v2.6 will probably be unpublished. Will be videos on YouTube about your requests. Large devlog coming soon™. Join my Discord :)

OOF, that was probably my longest post about the game news. I am tired of typing, time to stare at the ceiling for hours xD